The debate
over education vs work experience has been around for many years. There is not
any satisfactory answer as which one of them has more importance.

Can your
experience make up for the lack of your degree or can a degree provide
something which your experience fails to provide? You need to find it if you
want to stop being confused anymore.

This post is
worth reading for you because it comes up with a detailed analysis of both of
them. Below is that worth-noticing analysis so you should make sure that you
take a look at it carefully.

Let’s Start Off With Some
Interesting Facts

If you talk
about the real world examples so you find that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and
Michael Dell are the successful entrepreneurs with being college dropouts. It
does not mean that you cannot find successful entrepreneurs having an ideal
educational background.

Does Work Experience Matter
To You?

A work
experience is what every hiring manager looks for hence denying its importance
is not possible for you. Some people consider it the license to step into the
professional world but can it really land you a job with having a no degree?
Yes, it is debatable but at least you have come to one conclusion that not
either of them can land you a job single-handedly.

Some More Facts About Work

It Involves Knowledge

It is a fact
that managers always like to be on the safe side hence they do not think of
taking a risk by hiring a candidate having zero knowledge about the job. It
means that the students of the final semester should think of gaining some work

It Inspires Every Hiring Manager

If you add
considerable work experience in your CV so it enhances your chances to get
hired. Therefore, students who are about to finish their studies should think
of gaining some relevant experience.

It Makes You Stand Out From The Competition

In this
advanced era, you find a huge competition in every field and it means that
having only a degree is not enough to get a job. Therefore, you should think of
getting some revenant work experience. Battling the competitive job market is
just a dream if you do not have a work experience. While gaining a work
experience, you get a chance to learn different skills and it assists you in
your professional career.

Why Is Education Important?

You cannot
deny the fact that education makes a strong foundation for you hence you become
capable of applying for any job. According to the Bureau of Labor
, 69.7
percent young individuals joined colleges back in October 2016.

Few Facts About Education:

It Makes You Earn More

It is a fact
that a professional having a degree has more chances to get a high salary
compared to a professional having a work experience only. This fact also
reveals the importance of an education.

It Is The Stepping Stone To Get A Work Experience

No one can
deny the fact that it is the stepping stone and it leads you to get experience
and it eventually makes a ground for you to get your dream job. It is another
reason why young individuals should also think of getting an education.

It Makes You Mentally Prepared For Your Professional Life

has the capability to prepare you mentally to jump into a professional world.
It guides you about your particular field precisely. It means that you should
not overlook it.


It is a fact
that they both have their specific beneficial points and the blend of education
and work experience makes any young individual have an ideal professional life.
It means that you should give a same important to both of them if you really
want to be on the right path throughout your career.

Author Bio

Ishika Agarwal is a veteran Career Counselor and an
Educator at Coursework Writing Service UK . She has been in this profession for the past several years.