Sunday May 4th I made my way from the hotel I was staying at with my hubby towards Fenway Park. I was excited, nervous, and giddy. Each step I took brought me closer to the field where the Boston Red Sox play. I have been a fan of the Red Sox since I was a kid, wanting to play third base as well as Wade Boggs. I was in Boston to participate in the hooding ceremony for my masters degree and could not pass up the chance to go to Fenway & see my boys play. Being in the stadium, sitting in the wooden seat, surrounded by the historic walls where amazing baseball players have been – words can barely describe my emotions. When it came time to sing Sweet Caroline – I was overcome by the feeling in the stadium. You could feel the happiness, joy, and camaraderie extruding from the fans in the park. It was an experience that I will never forget and will hopefully get to repeat one day in the future.