Post was originally published on Wedding Forward! 

It looks like the next industry to be disrupted in 2019 is the wedding industry. With so much wedding tech out there, wedding ceremonies and receptions are reaching whole new levels of enjoyment, documentation, and interaction.

We’re here to show you all of the latest apps, gadgets, technology, and wedding trends that you can use to wow your wedding guests.

Check out our expertly curated list of wedding tech trends in 2019!

Modern Tech Wedding Rings

The traditional wedding ring is receiving some 21st Century upgrades. Modern high tech wedding rings are the new wearables, allowing you to pair with your favorite apps and track just about anything with your bodies like heart rates and sleeping patterns.

You can also now get your hands on a wedding projector ring.

Shine a light through the hidden lense of this attractive virtual visualization tool and browse your wedding photo album on any surface.

Choose GoPro To Capture Moments

With GoPros being so compact and offering a fantastic resolution, you can expect to see these handy gadgets popping up in aisles and receptions all across the country.

A standard wedding photographer is still very valuable, but the addition of this wedding tech means brand new angles, close-ups, and point of view shots from the groom’s lapel to hidden in the bouquet.

Your album is going to love your GoPro wedding shots.

Live Streaming Your Big Day

Do you have a few friends and relatives that wish they could be there but just can’t make it?

Not a problem anymore!

With all of the inexpensive high-quality imaging and social media advancements, live wedding streaming is now available.

Some venues will allow you to rig up your own live stream, and some are offering with their wedding packages. Either way, it’s a great way to capture the day.

If you’re not sure which app to use for your wedding day live streaming, we highly recommend Periscope. If you haven’t heard, it’s ridiculously easy to use and syncs right up with your Twitter account so you can reach all of your followers.

Other Wedding Tech Trends From The Future

We expect wedding tech to keep progressing.

The 3 categories to keep your eye on – according to business trends anyway – are 3D printing, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, and artificial intelligence.

In one way or another, you’ll see all of these enhancing the bridal experience from:

  • high tech wedding favors
  • robots for wedding activities
  • interactive wedding invitations
  • new forms of interactive entertainment and decor
  • real-time playlists that adjust the songs according to what the crowd is responding to.

Wedding tech has evolved leaps and bounds over the past 5 years, and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

And, if things keep heading in this direction it won’t be long before you see the happy couple set off in a driverless car.

Post was originally published on Wedding Forward!