Chips and Salsa. There are so many choices. Honestly, you’re good pretty much anywhere, but here’s what I suggest:

Old school: Tres Amigos. It’s where Coach Taylor and Tami always went for dinner. And they have the best old school 1970s chips and salsa. So good.

New school: Gueros. It’s a scene. But they have good chips and salsa.

A favorite: Hula Hut. The chips are perfection and the salsa has a fresh Polynesian flair that involves pinapple. Pro tip, eat outside. Super pro tip, when the wait is an hour and a half, order inside at the to-go counter, then grab a table on the outdoor waiting deck, order a margarita, grab some chips, and enjoy the view while you wait 15 minutes for your to-go feast. And then eat it there. They’re totally cool with that.

Tres Amigos  - 1801 South Capital of Texas Highway

Guero’s Taco Bar  - 1412 South Congress Avenue

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