often work in while in college and it is okay for them to do so. They usually

do it so that they can meet their day to day expenses and tuition fees.

According to one study, 71 percent of the students work along with their



the real question is should students work while they are studying in college.

Well, we have gathered a list of points that will shed some light on it:

1. Build your resume or focus on school


the advantage of working while studying is that you get to build your resume

well before time. Many students who will first finish schooling and then will

seek to apply to jobs are bound to lag behind in terms of skills and dealings

with the employer.


will not know how work is done or how an organization functions. They will be

just “new born” starting out to learn the ropes of the new world, practical

world to be precise. The best part about working while studying is that if you

get a chance to land a role in the field of your choice, nothing can beat that!


can then upon finishing college seek to apply for full time roles and the time

you spent learning skills at an actual workplace will come in real handy.

Especially, if you have worked in the field where you have majored in, it will

give you competitive edge.


that cool? Students often focus on simply getting degrees and scoring good

grades. By working while studying you get to study the market early on. In the

times that we live today, our world is engulfed with shortages of jobs,

unemployment, poverty, chaos and war plus a saturated market full of graduates.


a land job under these circumstances is a rare find. Better start on early.

Plus, you will learn to manage finances. However, there is a slight downside to

it. Mostly, the students that work alongside their studies tend to not score

high grades and fall short in the academics. Though they pass, but far from

good or great grades as it is a double edged sword, really.


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