This idea occurred to me a few weeks back as I was preparing to teach my children’s Sunday school class about how the Book of Mormon was published and I learned that Oliver Cowdery had written out a second copy of the manuscript of the translation of the gold plates in preparation for printing. I thought, “Wow, what an experience to write out that whole book word for word. Wouldn’t it be cool to experience the Book of Mormon that way?” Well, on April 2, 2017, our prophet, President Monson, implored us  to read, study, and ponder the Book of Mormon every day and promised that doing so would strengthen our relationships with Jesus Christ so we could face and overcome the difficulties and darkness of these days. So the next day, April 3, I started. 

I’m working out of both my own modern edition (published 1981) and a replica of the original 1830 printing—writing in longer paragraphs like the original, but marking the chapters and verses from the modern edition for easy reference. I’ve been at it for about two weeks now and am two chapters in. It’s not the fastest I’ve ever worked through the Book of Mormon, but I’m definitely engaging on a deeper level than I have before; I find that the more physically involved I am with a text (think real books vs. digital, and handwriting vs. typing), the more I understand and relate to it. I’ve already gained some insights that have been relevant to very personal and immediate challenges. I’m excited to keep going on this—most of all to look back when it’s done and witness the transformation that I’ve gone through!