I was stuck on this page in my Book of Mormon copy notebook for a whole week (before May, I was averaging four pages a week)! What this really means is that I went for several days at a time without copy-reading. I still did scripture study of some sort every day, but a lot of it was listening while driving or making food—still good, but not an effort of undivided attention and not moving forward on this tangible project  I actually learned some valuable things from this period: 

1) A goal like this should serve and support me, not drain me. There is no call to beat myself up when my needs don’t align with my goals.

2) In matters of personal care, doing just a little bit when I need it is better than putting it off until I can do it “right.” This goal is just a vehicle to keep me engaged in the truly important thing of nourishing my spirit on the daily.

3) Even when circumstances take me away from a personal goal for a time, I am capable of getting back on it! I used to fear that I would never come back to something if I got interrupted. Now I know that I always come back to what is important to me. For me, that’s huge!