Especially in today’s diverse society, there are people from many different backgrounds in the workplace. In Australian corporations and firms today, people from all over the world have become integrated into the corporate culture and the Australian environment.

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Not surprisingly, all of these cultures coming together have created a bit of a melting pot situation. Different religions and customs have contributed to misunderstandings and breakdowns in communication in the workplace. When it comes to occupational health and safety courses, these are some of the most important that any company can organise in Australia.

OH & S Training Programs Basics

In the past, most occupational health and safety  courses focused on emergency (especially fire) training. While this is, of course, critical and necessary as well, other issues have come up in the workplace in recent years.

A long history of sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination such as racism, sexism and ageism has been revealed and many people who are committing abuses in positions of power are having their crimes brought into the light.

But less stereotypically, in recent years a culture of bullying has grown up in many workplaces. Because many young people who are coming out of school and college come from a background where “light trolling” (that is, mildly insulting someone) is common, they think they can get away with this permanently in the workplace.

Sadly, less experienced managerial staff are also prone to this kind of behaviour and it can often take years of climbing the corporate ladder to correct this kind of bad behaviour. Without a doubt, an occupational health and safety consultant will be essential for your business and the HR department.