Two years ago, I impulsively asked for a sewing machine, with grand images in my head of making my own curtains! A table runner! Skirts! 

I signed up for an intro to sewing class at an adorable fabric store in our historic downtown, bought the book, and attended the first class, which was great. 

Then I promptly never took any of the followup classes, nor did I ever attempt to actually sew anything in my own home. Shameful. 

Now, my family is facing some lean financial times, and I really want to fall back on some of these skills to begin to make some things for my home rather than buying new. My mom made so many things for us as kids that today are really meaningful to me, and it would help to be able to repair clothing when it gets holes, etc. rather than having to get rid of it. 

Also, I’m trying to pare down the clutter in my home, and if I’m not using the sewing machine, I’m not sure if I can justify the space it takes up (I even bought a small desk for it!) 

So, it’s time to either learn these skills, or say goodbye to the machine and let someone who will get some use out of it have it.