Before April 2012, my only experience with running entailed those President’s Personal Fitness tests we had to take in grade school, when I was forced to suffer through a mile-long run (but could more accurately be called, Jamie covertly walks and only runs when the teacher was looking at her). But, in April, I was really dissatisfied with my appearance and health. I’d been using the birth of my son as an excuse for far too long as to why I looked/felt the way I did. So, I started the Couch to 5K program, and it was UGLY for several weeks. Tears were shed. But somewhere along the way, it got easier, and when I ran a 5K in July, it was one of the best feelings I’d ever had. I’ve never been athletic, and it was so freeing to know that I could actually accomplish an athletic feat! 

Now, I work out/lift weights/run several times a week, and I have three 5Ks under my belt, with  a personal best race time of 35:57. However, in training, I’ve run a 5K in as little as 30 minutes flat. So, my life list goal is to make my race performances match my training performance, and lower that race time to under 30 minutes.