My horse is old. Faux Pas is 22, and is getting arthritic, so our rides are not what they used to be. These days we do light work in place of the jumping we used to do. Often we trail ride near the stables, riding a mile or two out into fields that will someday be neighborhoods. I have ridden the fields dozens of times, and I am getting a little bored.  I asked my friend Judy if she would like to plan and ride with me for a couple of reasons – She is one of my favorite horse people, she has WAY more experience traveling with horses and preparing for trail rides, so she would be able to help me plan, she also has a trailer. When I admitted to her that I had no idea where to go she suggested we take a short part-day trip to near-by Old Settlers Park . We don’t have a date picked out yet, but we know where, and we think it will be sometime in January. Winter doesn’t really need to be taken into consideration in Texas.