I would like to start by saying I had, until last night never had a massage in my life. I mean it, sure I have given many but I have honest to God never had another human being touch me like that. (Humor intended)My wife would complain from time to time that she “wants a massage so bad” and I had no idea what the big deal was. Well now I do and it is a very big deal. 

It began with a cool, damp, oil infused towel and a light beverage while I waited my for my time. Shortly after, my feet were washed lightly before I was escorted to my massage bed. Then begins an hour of bliss where gentle hands pressed, squeezed, kneaded, and caressed my entire body. I was loosened, relaxed and stretched out in ways I had never known. As my session came to an end I was pampered again with a house made Tea and another towel, this time hot with a different oil.

 I enjoyed the experience so much and at the price of $36 USD one can not go wrong. With that I’m off to my final appointment before I leave Thailand.

Here are some photos from the temples around Bangkok.