Like flying in SE Asia, it is quite easy and inexpensive to get around the city of Bangkok. That said, one should always be weary of scams. The Tuk Tuk (motor bike with large cart for passengers) is a popular and quick way to get around the city. They are everywhere and always on the lookout out for a fair. No matter where you are going it’s  ”300 baht”, “200 baht” or “how much you pay?” ($6-9 USD) not bad right? Wrong! Most places around Bangkok should only cost between 70 and 100 baht. Services like Uber and Grab are available and allow you to see a rough price. Haggle accordingly and a get a Tuk Tuk down to that. Or just take the Uber. 
In addition many tuk tuks partner with other scetchy companies to deliver you to them where they attempt to charge you 6 or 7 times the rate of other companies offering the same service. So remember, when in Bangkok use your Spidey…. Errr travel senses.