Two fun filled days in Singapore and I have nothing but positive remarks to make about this place. To begin with its a large city, a large clean city. I know City and Clean are not words people associate with one another but I assure you it is. Graffiti – None, Trash – None, Grime stained sidewalks…. You guessed it – None. This place is clean because they keep it clean. How is this possible one might ask. Quite simple really, they have rules break them and pay the penalty. Run a red light - $175, litter - $300 (First time), Graffiti? Remember the American who received public caning in the 90s? Yea I wouldn’t recommend that. And trust me they are watching. If you are doing something wrong they will let you know almost instantly. But let’s step away from the negative side here. These rules and their strict enforcement have yielded the wonderful city that is Singapore. There are no homeless, traffic flows, the streets are clean, people are polite, attractions are maintained and the city…. Flows. Thus far it has been a most enjoyable experience and I look forward to our next few days here.