Academics, ethics, social skills, technology, nutrition, social responsibility,… all things our youth should be learning. However, should, and can, education institutions be the main purveyors of all of this? Unfortunately, education has assumed this role, and given time and resource limitations, much of the time it is not done well. As a nation, we need to decide who should be responsible for what.

My goal is to investigate these 6 points:

1) K-8: the usefulness is day care. From the social POV, the school systems are cost-effective places to shove kids so parents can work. 
2)high school: these maximum security Re-education facilities keep teenagers from killing everyone else 
3)college: the usefulness is in maintaining the colleges. Universities are businesses and they need revenue. 
4)post-graduate education(Some ideas I plan to retrieve from ): the usefulness depends on who you meet and who you know. Professors and mentors can become valuable allies. 
5)training grounds: the most useful of all the educations, but short shelf life. Ask programmers 
6)continuing-education: useful as it gives retirees a reason to get out of bed.