1. Identify your audience. This is the most important thing while promoting and marketing your book. If you build the foundation right then whole process become much easier. Find the target audience and then learn each and everything of your audience. 

2. Establish a budget. For marketing and promoting campaign of your book set the periocular budget that you spend during your marketing campaign.

3. Create a marketing plan.Develop a marketing plan that explains promoting strategies, which marketing strategy you will use first, what our future goals and how you evaluate it.

4. Get creative. Design theme of your book and it must related it to story, character, values and interest of the people. Promoting your book through joint ventures of business, experts, and group.

5. Tell your author brand story.Include author biography that reflect the reason or motivation that push you to write book.  Biography only contain two or three paragraphs that must be clear, meaningful that great impact readers. Show the courage that leads readers to buy the book as well as a reason to stay in the future.

6. Create your hook.Remember readers will not enjoy reading of complex sentences, it that just increase words nothing else. Design a clear and attention-grabbing word.

7. ‘Free’ sells. Sometimes, providing free sampling of any product is very important in the starting of any sell. So for the sake to boost your sale spread you books free. If it is not comfortable then try to provide few pages and chapter as sampling. 

8. Make it easy to buy.You can add your book link to different websites, your book links must be clear and easily approachable to your audience. You can put your book to different retailer shops either online or offline.

9. Link your book to trending topics. Your content and topics must be according to the latest trend

10. Schedule social media. You can also promote and marketing of your book through different social media platforms. You can create your profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest and share your book content here. 

11. Promote your ebook for free.You can only not promote your book by keeping a hard copy on bookshops but you can promote the softcopy of your book in the form of an ebook. There are different website where you can share it.

12. Purchase advertising. If you want to increase your sell then use some paid advertising such as Google AdWord, book bub, E-reader

13. Time your release. Announce the released data of your book on the special events or any festival. As it is seen that all blockbuster movies and videos games are released on news events.

14. Create a readers guide at the end of your book. Write book description in the form of guide at the end of the book. 

15. Focus and understand on copywriting principles. Marketing is not just explain and promoting products but it convert your reader into customers. Used your content marketing and copy write abilities to convert people into book buyer.

16. Become a subject matter expert.For the success in any filed it is very important to narrow down things and become expert in any one of the domain or subject. Same formula is apply while writing a book.

17. Think outside the ‘box’.People like unique things and trends so conduct a survey and find understanding that what people want. Also your book will not limited to just writing industry.

18. Get a professional and distinctive author photo.  Use the real and professional photo of the author at the end of the book, in all profile of social media, author bio and in the hard copy of book.

19. Create a press release.A good published place is also very important while promoting book. A press provide the basic information to the blogger or reader to understand the story of the book. It should be very accurate and clear. You can add your press released book on different websites. 

20. Get media savvy.You can not only promote your book on social media but also on local media such as newspapers, radio and TV. 

21. Read marketing, blogging and social media roundup posts.Keep your eye on your competitors and other bloggers and take the benefits of resources by checking other writer’s mistakes and come up with the best of best.

22. Guest post frequently and strategically. Guest blogging is another excellent approach to enhance visibility, advance influence in your field or topic and target readers of your book through online ‘bookstore’. 

23. Get early/pre-release reviews. Before three months of the publication try to get the reviews of your book from different bloggers, and other readers. Read their suggestions and now you can send your manuscript on these reviews. 

24. Use guest blogging: promotive and sell your books through guest blogging as well gain new experience. Share the link of your book in the guest post. This way reader will not follow any complicated process while purchasing book. They are just one click away to buy book. 

25. Be friendly approach different readers and introduce yourself to the owner of the bookstore if you promote your book locally as well as explain what’s your main purpose to write this book. Make contact with the different bloggers and experts. Struggle to reach the experts who help you to promote your book through adding in blogging sites. 

26. Tempt your readers with more. You can also introduce your next book content or topic at the end of the current book so that you get engage your readers to waiting to the next book.

27. Understand Amazon’s system and use it to your advantage. One of the most important approach to promote your book online by using Amazon.

28. Write a series. To grab the attention of the readers for long-term try to publish the series of your books. This way you build your presence, increase sales and customers loyalty.

29. Advertise your previous works in each book you publish. The best way to promote your previous of future work is at the end of your current book. Books lovers increase curiosity, this is how you can engage with your customers.

30. Optimize your keywords.To promote your book use search engine optimization and optimized keyword of your book while promoting your book online and drive more traffic in your website.

31. Participate in a podcast tour.The podcast is very important while promoting your book. Search different authors podcast or you can create your own.

32. Attend live networking events, conferences, and expos. Arrange different events, promoting conference and events that help to enhance engagement and increase connections.

33. Update your email signature. Email that you send to different people during promotion must contain updated information as well as the link to your blog Do My Assignment For Me or book where it is published online.

34. Join discussions on Quora.This platform is suitable for both books either a fiction or non-fiction. Here you can find the readers and want to get answers to their query. Here you not only give the answer of your book-related question but also educate regarding other books. By doing this you can increase your niche market 

35. Design or re-design a book cover that sells.The book cover is the first impression of your book. There are many readers who buy the book after seeing the book cover. To promote your book with more concentration, clearly and the message is readable to everyone. 

36. Design a launch strategy that works.  Give more importance to launching ceremony of your book. Create different strategies and do more preparation. Also, invite all professional people. Make a proper theme of your launch that relates to the content of your book. 

37. Put a URL in the video description. You can upload the video of your book description on YouTube. Also, you can upload the different reviews of your readers and experts about your books. Design a video that is related to your book.

38. Add a ‘contact the author’ section at the end of your book. Give a detail information at the end of the book that how people contact you if they face any query or to get the information of future work. Like mention people can contact you via an email, through the website, LinkedIn or any other source.

39. Writing is your business. Give more attention to your offline and online audience during the promotion and after for the future publish. In your marketing campaign show the professionalism rather than to show that you write a book just for the sale of the hobby.

40. Submit your article for a link roundup.If you are creating exceptional content on your author blog (you are, right?), then make a list of related, popular blogs that do link Assignment Writing Service   roundups (like #21 above, but in your topic or genre) and submit your article. It may not always be accepted, but when it is, you will get a backlink as well as an influx of high-quality visitors to your site.