When the super-amazing Jordan Ferney of ‘Oh Happy Day ’ contacted me and told me she was coming to Australia and throwing a party at West Elm  and needed some help- I jumped at the opportunity! She asked me to design some totes, buttons and name tags for the attendees.

Jordan informed me that there was going to be a lot of colour at the event- including a 6 ft long rainbow cake! So I continued the colour-fest in my own projects…

My favourite project was the 1 inch buttons! Jordan’s concept was to use the buttons as a way for attendees to communicate how they were feeling and so I designed a set of emoticons and a festive patterned card to attach to the back.

For the name tags I kept things fairly simple with some colourful typography and a touch of humour. 

I loved how all these elements could be used as fun conversation starters during the party!

It was AWESOME to meet the lovely and talented Jordan and so many other amazing creatives at this colourful event. I had an absolute ball! :)