The stars aligned when I put this resolution out there. We had an outdoor dinner party! Well, it was on our screened in porch, which counts as outdoors when one would otherwise be engulfed in a cloud of horse flies soon followed by mosquitoes once the sun went down if not protected by some netted, enclosed space. A dinner party! With over 2 other people here! And the event to make a little special with some simple decor. 


My husband and I moved to this area three years ago now and we still don’t have many good friends. Heck, we don’t even really have acquaintances because even acquaintances can come over for dinner, right? And we have not had any dinner parties. I guess we’re “new” here. Technically, we’re “flatlanders,” people who are not, and never will be, from the NEK. So…yeah. We might always be new here.  That said, we’ve met a handful of people we’d like to get to know better, but due to life (theirs and ours) and such, we just haven’t.  

There are no photos of my actual guests. I don’t know them well enough yet to snap away while we were relaxing on the porch, or while we were eating dinner. They don’t know that pesky side of me that loves to take pictures of everything and I don’t know if they would embrace that or how they feel about being photographed in general. Breath happy sigh. But I think the night was a success. People drank. Enjoyed the food. Dogs were running around like crazy (three, medium sized dogs). And we finally got to know better a few of those people on our list of “people we want to know better.”I just didn’t think it would happen since we don’t seem to know enough people. 

And oddly enough, within a week, I had a SECOND, read that as SECOND, gathering on my 

porch.  This time of a few ladies, a little wine, and a little book discussion over a delicious summer tart and other tasty treats. I went from no dinner parties to TWO parties in less than a week.  Call that coincidence or call it the mojo of Camp Mighty, of the life list, or of the founders being true, call it what you will, the whole idea of putting your dreams out there and they come true. I didn’t disbelieve, but I hadn’t experienced it in action.  

I’m beginning to be a believer.