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Nine: Thank you, Abraham Verghese Story by Liz Stiverson

Dear Dr. Verghese,I am writing to thank you for your books. I first read My Own Country in a college class on the effects of epidemic disease on society - your self-examination, both empathetic and un...


Six: Thank you, John Irving Story by Liz Stiverson

Dear Mr. Irving,I'm writing to thank you for your books - I have been reading them all my life. When I was eight, my mother read A Prayer for Owen Meany, and read aloud the parts she thought I would u...


#ThankAWriter Letter 5: Judy Blume Story by Nathan Bransford

Dear Ms. Blume,You may be known most for your young adult novels, and I loved those too, but the ones that truly had an effect on me were "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" and the Fudge series. You ta...


#ThankAWriter: Rita Rudner Story by Vera Hough

Dear Rita Rudner,Thank you for writing the movie "Peter's Friends" with your husband, Martin Bregman (I know that you know who your husband is but my readers may not).Because of your movie--which is o...


#ThankAWriter Letter 4: Ann Jonas Story by Nathan Bransford

Dear Ms. Jonas,
"Round Trip" was the first book I ever remembered being read to me by my parents, and to say that it blew my freaking mind is an understatement. I begged them to read "Round Trip...


#ThankAWriter: Michael Chabon Story by Vera Hough

 Dear Mr. Chabon,

I don't really know how to thank you. A tired phrase like "hours of
enjoyment" seems a poor return for the brilliant sentences you've given
me, such as "Nat, an atheist, ...

Thank you note #1: Pam Houston Story by Shellie F

Dear Pam,
It’s been 15 years since I picked up Cowboys Are My Weakness, completely fell in love with it, and started off on my own wild writing journey. Your books have been my road maps along th...

#ThankAWriter- No.1 Mo Willems Story by Donna Marie Tyree

Dear Mo Willems,This is a small thank-you.I first heard of you on a library field trip, with my then-preschool foster daughter. The dragon lady at our local library read  "Don't Let the...


#ThankAWriter: Joan Didion Story by Vera Hough

Dear Ms. Didion,
Between my 38th birthday and my 39th a lot of bad things happened to me. About six months after that my mother gave me a copy of The Year of Magical Thinking. It was in a


Thanks, Jessica Valenti! Story by Fiona Tang

I first learned about Jessica Valenti and her book, Why Have Kids?, a few months ago during a conversation with some friends. The topic of kids had come up, as is typical for my age group, and Jes...

#THANKAWRITER Letter 1: Julia Cameron Story by Richard Quis

Dear Ms. Cameron:You might hear about me saying, three of my nine muses are Sister Wendy Beckett,Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg.”  I came to art and creative writing in retirement from your...


Julia Alvarez #THANKAWRITER Story by Jacqueline Wolven

March 20 • 13Dear Ms. Alvarez,It was you that pushed me beyond my cookie cutter house into a world world fighting for. In the Time of the Butterflies was one of the first "grown up" books I pulled o...


Thank you, Thomas Lynch. Story by Maggie Mason

Dear Mr. Lynch,

I’m writing to say that I’m fond of your work, and you by extension. I read The Undertaking when I was still deciding what type of grown up to be, and it informed the way I th...