Popsugar.com started the New Year out with a challenge: read 50 (or 52, with the trilogy) books in 2015. As an avid reader, I can’t help but laugh at the simplicity: 50 books? Easy!

Then I read the list:

…and now it seems a little more daunting. Still, a genius idea to get oneself to read a myriad of books you may not have thought to read in the first place. 

I’m not planning on going down the list and searching for books that fit the bill- at first. I’ll read the book, then categorize it to fit one off the list. When I get further along, I’ll have to abandon this method in order to complete it, but I’m confident I can lean on my scholarly friends to assist (and loan) parts of their library. 

One book per week? Bring it on.