I’m lucky to have an amazing studio to practice yoga at. When I heard my studio was going to have aerial yoga, I wasn’t surprised- they are always adding new classes. I was, however, reserved about the though of being suspended for an hour. Was I going to be upside-down all the time? Isn’t that uncomfortable? What if I fall out? Can that thing even hold me? I was skeptical. To say the least. When my *favorite* instructor offered me a free class, I took her up on it. 

  The first class was… strange. I was twisty and uncoordinated the whole time. The silks bunched in all the wrong places, doing inversions gave me a headache, and I was sure I looked like the biggest idiot. I wasn’t disappointed when the hour was over and the instructor had us simply lay in the hammock.

  And that’s when I fell in love.

  The hammock was gently swinging and my body was weightless. This Shavasana was the most relaxing I’ve ever had- I almost fell asleep. When I finally got out, I knew I had found my next-big-thing. I bought a class package and gave one night a week to Aerial Yoga. 

  but that’s not all…once a week was not enough…

  This spring, I’ll be taking Aerial Teacher Training. :D