“Can you leave tomorrow,” she asked. “Otherwise, there’s a training down in Florida…”

I couldn’t leave work in an instant to attend a Teacher Training, so we had planned for a month later in Florida. After registering online, talking with one of the instructors over the phone, and shelling out $1200 for the class, I booked my plane tickets, hotel and car. The timing was working out perfectly and I even treated myself to a few new outfits worthy of sunny Floridian weather.

Or so I thought…

Sixteen days later, I get the email: So sorry, training canceled, you’re the only person who signed up, not financially feasible for us to pack up our leggings, hope you can make the next class. Love, the Spandex Teachers.

Maybe they didn’t finish with ‘love,’ and they certainly had no love when I spoke with one of them on the phone, begging and pleading to help find a way to make this happen. That void continued when they told me that I could do a private training for over twice the price or take a class at a later time- no discount, no incentive, just the refund of my class and a perfectly poised boot in the ass. 

Plane tickets nonrefundable, car rental as well- looks like a 6-day vacation in Florida. I anticipate frizzled hair, sunburns in under 12 hours, and crocodiles. And now I have a slew of new goals to make! #makingthebestofit